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Hey, there! I'm Baine Johns from Best Exmasters Ringtones and I'd like to talk about why to have unique ring tone so important for me and, I hope, for you too

Why to be different so important for us?

It is easy – everyone wants to be unique! And your phone ringtone is indivisible part of this. Why so? I think everybody faces with situation when you are in the place is crowded a lot of people and waiting for significant call, and… Of course, yours favorite Lady GaGa ringtone rings out in ten place around you simultaneously! And you don’t know is this ring yours or this guy left from you, or maybe that guy right…

Yeah, you know what I talking about. It’s small wonder that this situation happens with us permanently. And of course, we want to avoid this in future.

But how can you avoid this?

It’s pretty simple – you should use some rules below and you’ll have no any problems with this in future:

• So, for First: Do not use “popular” ringtones at all! Yes, I know that is not you want. But you have not another way. However, you can smooth this rule. :) Simply use another song of popular singer. For example I really like Pet Shop Boys, so I use for my Best Exmasters Ringtones not popular hit like “West and Gils” or new from Pandemonium but the one from Besides Album (I don’t say you what this one is – it’s my Unique! Don’t ask me! :) ). Or, you can use next…

• Second: Change “Popular” phone tone so that sounds really unique! You can modify the speed of this phone tone or vary the key of your favourite ringtone. Also you can vary the quantization for this polytone
(I’ll describe how to do this in my blog here: Exmasters Ringtones). However if it is too complicated for you that you should utilize next couple rules…

• Third (good for guys): Use non-typical Sports Ring Tone!

I collected my one at my lovely storage here:

• And last rule (nice for girls :) ): Use non-standard Natural Ring Tones!

I hope these rules help you to get your ringtones incredible nice and unique as yourself too.

Be unique!

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