Announcing Clinical and Translational Science Ontology Affinity Group

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I am pleased to inform you that the Operations Committee has approved our application to form the Clinical and Translational Science Ontology Affinity Group (CTSOAG). This group formed out of the in-person workshop on Ontologies for Clinical and Translational Science held in Baltimore in April of this year.

If you were at that meeting and signed up for the Google Group (that we used until we had approval), you do not need to do anything to join the Affinity Group.

All those who are interested in joining the new group should email Jacqueline Kirby and she will add you to the group. This applies both to those working at CTSA institutions and also to others with an interest in the work of the new group.

A webpage for the Affinity Group page will be created [1] here. This will include material from the elevator pitch we developed (see draft here). We are also planning to set up a poll to establish a regular, monthly meeting time. So stay tuned for that as well.

In the meantime, I and others who helped to establish the group would be happy to answer any questions. In that regard, I'd like to thank Melissa Haendel, Warren Kibbe, Lindsay Cowell, Barry Smith, and Dagobert Soergel, and the whole list of folks on the Google Group, for their help in reformulating the proposal radically to its current, excellent state (elevator pitch and operations proposal both attached).

Looking forward to a productive group!


William R. Hogan, MD, MS Associate Professor and Chief Division of Biomedical Informatics