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ICBO Blog and Press Notices


With thanks to Robert Yao, we will be posting videos of almost all sessions at the ICBO meeting, and also of selected tutorials and workshops. Links to initial samples are provided here, here, and here.

Powerpoint Presentations

For all main conference sessions, including panels and keynotes, see here

For workshops see as follows:

Workshop A: Representing Adverse Events
Workshop B: Working with Multiple Biomedical Ontologies
Workshop C: Common Logic
Workshop D: Facilitating Anatomy Ontology Interoperability

For tutorials see as follows:

Tutorial A: Introduction to Ontology Development and Tools – Part I: First Steps in Ontology Development
Tutorial B: Introduction to Ontology Development and Tools – Part II: Collaborative Ontology Development
Tutorial C: Improving Structured EHR Data
Tutorial D: Ontology Web Services
Tutorial E: OBI: A Shared Ontology for Representing Biomedical Studies and Resources
Tutorial F: From OBO to OWL and Back Again

Important notice for all presenters at the main conference (July 28-30)

Please ensure that your powerpoint slides are saved to the conference computer as early as possible on the day of your presentation. You may also email your presentation to Barry Smith [email:phismith@buffalo.edu]

Extension cords

A limited number of extension cords will be available. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own.

Evaluation forms

You will find an evaluation form in your conference package. This is intended primarily to evaluate the main conference (July 28-30) though you should feel free to include comments also on workshops and tutorials. Please hand in to the registration desk before you leave.

Conference Questions

If you have questions concerning conference logistics please address them to Barry Smith at <phismith@buffalo.edu> and responses will be posted here.

Meals: Each day of the main ICBO conference (July 28-30) begins with a continental breakfast. The other meals provided (lunch on all 3 days, dinner on the first 2 days) include a wide range of choices, including vegetarian options.

Wifi: Free wifi access will be available in the conference rooms to all ICBO participants.

Emergency telephone: For logistics information during the conference call (716) 689-6900 (ask for 'ICBO Conference/Ballrooms 1-4).

Taxi and Shuttle Services

Many of the recommended hotels have complimentary shuttle service from Buffalo Airport. (Telephones in baggage claim area.) Taxi fare from Airport to UB North Campus area hotels is around $20.

Logistics Links