Lecture on the Ontology of Document Acts

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Lecture by Jobst Langrebe at 4pm on Thursday, September 5, 2019 ​


531 Capen Hall (Inside the President's Area on the 5th Floor)


The goal is to use AI to enable automated exact interpretation of documents by employing a computable, formalized version of Document Act Theory (semantics plus pragmatics). We focus on documents of specific types, for which the context can to a large degree be specified in advance -- for example clinical notes, insurance claims, rental contracts. The talk will describe the requirements for an AI system of this sort, using ontologies and sets of axioms from an existing automation system.

Slides for the talk are here

Jobst Landgrebe is the founder and CEO of Cognotekt. He has a distinguished history of contributions to medical informatics and other scientific fields. Recently, he co-authored two papers on AI with Barry Smith, available here and here.