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'''Schedule 2018'''
'''Schedule 2019'''
Monday, April 8
Monday, April 8

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Schedule 2019

Monday, April 8

10:30-12:15 General Introduction to Ontology: Philosophical and Applied
The philosophical background of contemporary applied ontology
How ontologies are used in information and data science
13:30-15:15 The Ontology of Emotions, with Applications to Datamining

Tuesday, April 9

10:30-12:15 Driverless Philosophy

Wednesday, April 10

13:30-15:15 Ontology of Language, Ontology of Terrorism, Ontology of Obligations

Thursday, April 11

12:00-13:00 Swiss Institute for Artificial Intelligence: "Ontology-Driven Automotive Repair Claims Management", with Jobst Langrebe (Cognotekt, Cologne)
15:30-17:15 Affordances and the Background of Artificial Intelligence
AI is a family of algorithms to automate repetitive events
Deep neural networks have nothing to do with neurons
AI is not artificial intelligence; it is a branch of mathematics in which the attempt is made to use the Turing machine to its limits by using gigantically large amounts of data

Friday, April 12

10:30-12:15 Dialogue with Jobst Landgrebe (Cognotekt, Cologne) on the Social Impact of AI
13:30-15:15 Making AI Meaningful Again