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William Hogan (Gainesville, FL)
William Hogan (Gainesville, FL)
Jihad Obeid (Charleston, SC)
Barry Smith (Buffalo, NY)
Barry Smith (Buffalo, NY)
Chris Stoeckert (U Penn, PA)
Chris Stoeckert (U Penn, PA)

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Seventh Clinical and Translational Science Ontology Workshop

With a special subsection on: Ontology and the Opioid Crisis


The Clinical and Translational Science Ontology Group (CTSOG) invites you to join us on February 20-21, 2019 in Gainesville, Florida

We are happy to announce as keynote speaker:

  • Janna Hastings (Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK)


William Hogan (University of Florida, Gainesville, FL), hoganwr@ufl.edu

Barry Smith (University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY), phismith@buffalo.edu


From genomes to public health, newer and larger datasets are increasingly available to inform precision approaches to the treatment and prevention of disease and disorder​s. Managing these datasets--especially their integration--for everything from managing the opioid epidemic to the learning health system to translational science--requires more and better ontologies. This workshop will briefly survey the state-of-the-art in ontology at the nexus of these trends, identify needs and opportunities for future work and collaborations, and develop one or more white papers charting the course for the future, including a set of recommendations for key stakeholders.

If you are interested in presenting cutting edge work in this area, please email a brief presentation proposal to Barry Smith (phismith@buffalo.edu) and Bill Hogan (hoganwr@ufl.edu). We are primarily interested in ontology, but also are interested to hear from experts in the CTSA network working in a diverse range of areas, from precision medicine, to the opioid epidemic, to precision public health.

For earlier meetings in the CTS Ontology Workshop series see here.

Persons interested in attending or in presenting at the meeting should write to [1].


National Center for Ontological Research

University of Florida Division of Biomedical Informatics

University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute


February 20 (Wednesday) - 21 (Thursday), 2019


Orlando, Florida

Venue: TBD A block of rooms will be available.

Draft Schedule Day 1: February 20

Wednesday Morning

8:00am: Registration and Breakfast

8:45am: TBD

10:00-10:30am: Break

12:15: Lunch

Wednesday Afternoon

1:00pm: TBD

3:00pm: Break

3:30pm: TBD

4:15pm: Keynote address

6:30pm: Dinner

Schedule Day 2: February 21

Thursday Morning

8:00am: Registration and Breakfast

8:20am: TBD

9:30-9:45am: Break

9:45am: TBD

12:15pm: Lunch

Thursday - Afternoon

1:00pm: TBD

4:00pm: Close



Participants will include

Matthias Brochhausen (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Lindsay Cowell (Dallas, TX)

Janna Hastings (Cambridge, UK)

Oliver He (Ann Arbor, MI)

William Hogan (Gainesville, FL)

Jihad Obeid (Charleston, SC)

Barry Smith (Buffalo, NY)

Chris Stoeckert (U Penn, PA)