Enhanced Object-Based Production Conference

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Event Date and Venue

More information forthcoming

Venue: Washington, DC

Date: May, 2020

Organizer and Contact

David G Limbaugh, Intelligence Community Postdoc, University at Buffalo, dglimbau@buffalo.edu


The goal of this conference is to enhance object-based production (OBP) by drawing on a combination of referent tracking and semantic technology. Ever increasing quantities of disaggregated data pose a problem for intelligence analysis. The problem is magnified when much of the data is sparse, obscure, or ever-changing. A key contributor to this problem is the inconsistency of data management policies. Mutually incompatible data management solutions have been and continue to be adopted not only by organizations but also by different departments within organizations. Data, as a result, is difficult to aggregate, and difficult to discover and to interpret, sometimes even difficult to interpret by those who created the data in the first place. This problem of too-much data inconsistently handled has an analogue in medicine in the realm of patient data. Electronic Health Records, for example, are collections of data about patients which grow and change in ways which make it difficult to track the medical state of a patient as it changes over time, for example as patients move between hospitals. This conference aims (1) to identify the lessons learned from the most advanced work in medicine to address this problem using the methodology of what is called Referent Tracking (RT), (2) to explore how these lessons might be translated to the domain of intelligence analysis, (3) to identify potential benefits, and (4) to explore how referent tracking can enhance OBP.