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This site has been established for the informal listing of

  • 1. UB-associated projects, centers, and institutes in the broadly conceived field of applied informatics.
  • 2. Announcements of interest to researchers working in applied informatics (for example pertaining to job openings).

Later, we shall add listings of training and educational opportunities, and of local expertise.

1. Projects, Centers and Institutes

  • Under 1., I will be adding links to the following organizations represented at the meeting in the next days. Please
Center for Multisource Information Fusion
Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors
Clinical and Translational Data Exchange
Institute for Health Informatics
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
National Center for Ontological Research
Ontology Research Group
  • Please contact Barry Smith if you would like to add to this list.

2. Announcements

From Chris Renschler (Geography)

The UB Faculty Advisory Committee "UB2020 Extreme Events" is considering establishing formal ties between UB and Tohoku University, which is located in in Sendai, Japan, close to the tsunami-impacted coastal region, and which has a new International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS).

Those at UB who would like to participate in this review should go to the link [1] here and register their details (before October 15).