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Drug-free alternatives to treat tension and cluster headaches

The following options are available for those seeking drug-free alternatives to treat their cluster headaches from my Fiorecet blog

Cluster headaches and Acupuncture There is much research to indicate that acupuncture is an effective cluster headaches prevention strategy, as well as treating mild to moderate cluster pain attacks. Acupuncture works by inserting fine needles into specific points on the body, which is said to increase blood flow to the tissues, allowing for an increase in circulation, and a potential reduction in tension and cluster pain.

Cluster headaches and Chiropractic Treatment Some chiropractors believe that tension and cluster headaches are caused by a misalignment of the spine, causing irritation of the nerves that travel from the spine to the brain. By realigning the vertebrae of the spine through chiropractic adjustment, the pressure against the inflamed nerves can potentially be relieved, and consequently ease tension and cluster pain.

Cluster headaches and Biofeedback Biofeedback is a mind-body therapy used to treat many health problems, including tension and cluster headaches. Biofeedback works by training individuals to control bodily functions normally done on their own. Thermal biofeedback is most commonly used to treat tension and cluster headaches. Headache sufferers learn how to use their concentration to slightly raise their skin temperature and thereby increase blood flow and circulation. Biofeedback may also help this pain by reducing stress and helping with relaxation.

Cluster headaches and Massage Therapy A gentle massage combined with trigger point therapy is a good massage treatment option for migraine pain. A light massage will help with relaxation, increase circulation and blood flow; and the use of specific pressure on migraine trigger points can directly ease migraine pain.

Choosing the Right Cluster headache Treatment Option Tension and cluster headache sufferers have many options to choose from to help prevent and control this pain. Fiorecet medication and alternative therapies both have their place in the treatment of Cluster headaches. You should not only Fiorecet taking use. An individual may choose one or combine several of the cluster headache treatment options available. The type of therapy an individual chooses to treat their headache is dependent on both personal choice, as well as the advice of their family physician.