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Forthcoming Events

Werner Ceusters talk on "Are linguistics-based event classifications useful for realism-based process classifications?", Department of Philosophy, 141 Park Hall, University at Buffalo North Campus, noon, Friday, November 10, 2017

Abstract: Zeno Vendler distinguished four aspectual classes of verbs:

states, which are static and do not have an endpoint ("know," "love");
activities, which are dynamic and do not have an endpoint ("run," "drive");
accomplishments, which have an endpoint and are incremental or gradual ("paint a picture," "build a house"); and
achievements, which have an endpoint and occur instantaneously ("recognize," "notice").

We are trying to develop a more detailed classification of processes in Basic Formal Ontology by analyzing these and other aspectual characteristics of verbs. The latter have been studied by linguists and philosophers of language from a linguistic perspective, thus with a focus on how matters are described. Our focus, in contrast, is on what is the case in reality when different verb aspects are used -- thus providing an ontological perspective.

Ontology Group Meeting, Jeannette Martin Room, University at Buffalo, 3-5pm, November 20, 2017. Topics for discussion will include

1. Capabilities in BFO
2. Functions of Organizations in BFO
3. Systems Engineering Ontology
4. Update on ISO

For past events see here