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Ontology in Practice

The Fourth Clinical and Translational Science Ontology Workshop

For the 2023 meeting please see CTS Ontology Workshop 2023.

September 23 - 25, Charleston, SC



The Francis Marion Hotel 387 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Starts: Wed 9/23/15 at 6pm with an optional reception. The workshop begins at 8am Thu 9/24/15.

Ends: Fri 9/25/2015 3pm


The goal of this meeting is to examine the benefits of and barriers to the use of ontologies and semantic web infrastructure in support of real-world applications in clinical care and translational research.

Day 1 (before noon) will focus on how ontologies are being used in EHR interoperability.

Day 1 (afternoon) and Day 2 will focus on applications in translational research.

Our Sponsors

TriNetX            HSSC            SCTR

NCOR            Protein Ontology Consortium            DBMI


Conference Brochure

Evening before the Conference: Wed 9/23/15

6:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Evening reception

Day 1: Thu 9/24/15


  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
    • David Booth (FHIR): An introduction to FHIR Slides
    • Barry Smith (Buffalo): FHIR and Ontology Slides Video
Background: FHIR; FHIR-rdf; The Yosemite Project

9:45-10:00 Break


  • EHR and ontology
    • Peter Elkin (Buffalo): Ontologies driving EHRs Slides
    • Jonathan P. Bona (Buffalo): Toward replacing EHR structured data with explicit representations Slides
    • Suzette Stoutenburg (MITRE): Applying Semantic Technology for Enhanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) Visualization Slides

12:00-1:00 Lunch


  • Ontology practices
    • Bill Hogan and Amanda Hicks (Florida): Continuity of Care Document & RDF/OWL Slides
    • Ludger Jansen (Universität Rostock): Good Ontology Design: Philosophical and Empirical Perspectives Slides

2:30-2:45 Break


7:00-9:00 Dinner (separate registration - Optional.) #More Information below.

Day 2: Fri 9/25/2015


  • Practical examples of ontology use
    • Alexander Diehl (Buffalo): Using an applied neurology ontology framework for analysis of MS patient data Slides
    • Aaron Abend (AARDA, Inc): Developing an Ontology for Autoimmune Disease: A key step to a unified view of autoimmune disease Slides
    • Csilla Farkas (University of SC): Medical Data Protection: Semantics-Aware Security Policies

9:45-10:00 Break


12:00-1:00 Lunch


  • Clinical and Translational Science Relevant projects
    • Dave Eichmann (University of Iowa): The Pragmatics of Ontology and Heterogeneous Data Sources: the Ins and Outs of CTSAsearch Slides
    • Geoff Low (Medidata Solutions): From PDF to RDF - Representing the CDISC Foundational Standards Slides
    • Sriram Sridhar and Santosh Srinivasaiah (BAH) Enhancing Scientific and Clinical Data Management Using Semantic Technologies Slides
    • Closing remarks

Participant list

Abend, Aaron (AARDA Inc)

Arabandi, Sivaram (OntoPro)

Awaysheh, Abdullah (Virginia Tech)

Bona, Jonathan (University at Buffalo)

Booth, David (FHIR)

Boyles, Rebecca (NIE Health Sciences Inst.)

Brochhausen, Mathias (University of Arkansas (Med Sci))

Carson, Matthew (Northwestern University)

Daniels, Mark (MUSC)

Diehl, Alexander (University at Buffalo)

Dolan, Mary (The Jackson Laboratory)

Duncan, Bill (Regenstrief Institute)

Eichmann, David (Univ at Iowa)

Elkin, Peter (University at Buffalo)

Ellis, Helena (Duke University)

Esposito, John (TriNetX)

Facelli, Julio (University of Utah)

Farinelli, Fernanda (Univ at Buffalo)

Farkas, Csilla (University of SC)

Frey, Lewis (MUSC)

Gibson, Bryan (University of Utah)

Guan, Ping (Nat. Cancer Institutes)

Habrat, Melissa (MUSC)

Hammond, William E. (Duke University)

Hanna, Joshua (University of Florida)

Harris, Marcy (University of Michigan)

Hicks, Amanda (University of Florida)

Hogan, William (University of Florida)

Holmgren, Stephanie (NIH)

Jansen, Ludger (Univ of Rostock)

Kamerick, Michael (TrinetX Inc)

Landis-Lewis, Zach (Univ of Michigan)

Larsen, Rick (HSSC)

Lin, Asiyah Yu (University of Michigan Ann Arb)

Low, Geoffrey (Medidata Solutions UK)

Manion, Frank J. (University of Michigan)

Marshall, Elizabeth (MUSC)

Masci, Anna Maria (Duke University)

Meeks, Eric (University of California-SF)

Mockus, Susan (Jackson Lab Farmington CT)

Moore, Helen (National Cancer Institutes)

Natale, Darren (Georgetown University)

Obeid, Jihad (MUSC)

Richesson, Rachel (Duke University)

Rodman, Daniel (University at Buffalo)

Schick, Lisa (Samvit Solutions)

Seppälä, Selja (University at Buffalo)

Smith, Barry (University at Buffalo)

Soergel, Dagobert (University at Buffalo)

Sridhar, Sriram (BAH)

Srinivasaiah, Santosh (BAH)

Steele, Robert (MUSC)

Stoeckert, Christian (University of Pennsylvania)

Stoutenburg, Suzette (MITRE Corporation)

Stratman, Jennifer (Duke University )

Welch, Brandon (MUSC)

Xu, Julia (NYU)

Zheng, Jie (University of Pennsylvania)

Zhu, Vivienne (MUSC)

Organizing Committee

Barry Smith (University at Buffalo)

William Hogan (University of Florida)

Jihad Obeid (Medical University of South Carolina) (Chair)

More Information

Charleston Harbor cruise

The Charleston Blues & BBQ Harbor Cruise starts at 7pm on Thursday 9/24 night and includes dinner. This trip is optional and requires a separate registration directly with Charleston Harbor Tours. To get the group rate of $38.95 please call 843-722-1112 and use the Group Rate for "MUSC Biomedical Informatics". Note that registration online at their site will NOT give you the group rate.

More info at Harbor Cruise and Thursday Night Dinner