Ontology Group Meeting, October 3, 2022

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Venue: 141 Park Hall, UB North Campus or via zoom.

4pm Barry Smith: Announcements

4:10pm John Beverley (new UB faculty member): Introduction

  • Customs and Border Patrol: Ontology-in-your-phone project

4:20pm Amelia Kahn (Intelligence Community Postdoc, UB): Ontology of Uncertainty

4:25pm Shane Babcock (Niagara University): Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) BFO-based NLP project

4:30pm Aaron Damiano (Systems Analyst at Rich Products Corporation, Buffalo NY): The Fandaws ontology building service

Using BFO as its core, Fandaws (for Fact and Answer Web Service) is a natural language interface to allow users to create, explore, and modify a comprehensive ontology. Through users answering simple questions and BFO ontological principles, Fandaws determines where and how to modify its ontology. The resolved ontology can be graphically viewed, downloaded, or connected through an API. Fandaws has been pointed to various online dictionaries and has successfully processed over 100,000 terms.