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DATE: Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12, 2012.

VENUE for FACE-TO-FACE PARTICIPATION: Room14A, Basement, Baldy Hall, University at Buffalo North Campus.

FACULTY: Ron Rudnicki (CUBRC, Buffalo), Alan Ruttenberg (University at Buffalo), Barry Smith (University at Buffalo)


This tutorial allows both face-to-face and on-line participation. Participation may be for credit (with an official university transcript), or the tutorial may be audited (with a certificate of completion if needed).

For credit
Participation in this tutorial will yield 1 credit hour; up to 3 further credit hours can be received through completion of a project under the guidance of an assigned faculty member. Projects must be completed before November 30, 2012.
Registration details for students taking this course for credit are available:
here, for face-to-face participation;
here, for on-line participation.
External (non-UB) participants who wish to take this course for credit, either on-line or through face-to-face participation, should use the links above and follow the procedures outlined here under 'Non-matriculated student'. External students will be able to apply credits from participation in this tutorial to the UB Masters and PhD Programs in Ontology, and also to the planned on-line UB Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Ontology which is currently being established. Further details can be obtained from Barry Smith.
Auditing (no credit)
Auditing by UB persons is free. For external participants an auditing fee of $100 will be charged. This fee applies equally both to on-line and face-to-face participants. All those wishing to audit this tutorial should fill in the registration form provided here as soon as possible. A certificate of participation will be supplied on request, but auditing the course does not count for credit.


On-line participants should install Protégé version 4.2 beta (as of June 13, 2012) on a machine they can use during the course. Begin installation by first registering at the Protégé site here. After registering, download the installation file of Protégé version 4.2 from the Protégé Version 4.2 Download Page that is appropriate for your machine. Brief, but valid, installation instructions are provided on the Download Page.

Log-on/dial-in instructions for on-line participants will be provided be email to registered participants in due course.