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Tutorial: Information Ontologies for the Intelligence Community

organized as part of the conference on Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense and Security, George Mason University, November 11-13, 2013

Tutorial Schedule

09:40 Barry Smith (NCOR): The Role of Ontology in the Era of Big (Military) Data Slides Video

Importance of ontologies for Big Data utilization
The need for coordinated ontology development
Principles of agile coordinated ontology development
Basic Formal Ontology as top-level architecture

11:15 Barry Smith (NCOR): Introduction to the Information Artifact Ontology – IAO Slides Video

What is an Information Artifact?
IAO-Intel: An extension of IAO for the consistent annotation of intelligence-related information artifacts
The need for a standardized representation of information artifact metadata
The Dublin Core and how not to solve the problem
The relation of aboutness
Attributes of information artifacts

Presentation to STIDS Conference on November 13:

Barry Smith (NCOR): IAO-Intel: An Ontology of Information Artifacts in the Intelligence Domain Slides Video Paper

13:45 Ron Rudnicki (CUBRC): A Survey of DCGS-A Ontology Work Slides Video

The DCGS-A Ontology Suite
Agent, Event, Geospatial and Time Ontologies
Annotation vs. explication
How DCGS-A Ontologies are being used for the explication of data models
Standard operating procedures and ontology quality assurance

15:15 Dave Salmen and William Mandrick (Data Tactics Corp.): The Email Ontology Slides

Why build an Email Ontology?
The Email Ontology as module of IAO-Intel
Attributes of emails
Examples of use of the Email Ontology