Schedule: Group Meeting March 31, 2017

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4:00pm Brief survey​s​ of current ontology projects​ at UB​​:

1) Chris Stoeckert: Implementation of a referent tracking system with UPenn TURBO Slides
2) Jonathan Blaisure: Improving Secondary Use of Electronic healthcare record data Slides
3) CHAMP: Coordinated Holistic Alignment of Manufacturing Processes
4) MatOnto: The Materials Ontology
5) IOF: Industry Ontology Foundry
6) Mark Jensen: Ontology for the ​​Research Domain Criteria ​framework of the National Institute of Mental Health Slides
7) Controlled Natural Language (CNL) interfaces to OWL and ontology editors

​4:45pm Michael Grüninger(University of Toronto): The Quest for Semantic Integration in the Context of Manufacturing​ Slides

6:00pm Close