Alzheimer's Workshop

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An informal meeting to discuss current and future research at UB on Alzheimer's Disease.

Venue: Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics, Room B1-306

Date: Friday, September 2 at 2pm

The schedule is as follows:

  • Paresh Dandona (Endocrinology) and Kinga Szigeti (Neurology) will give brief surveys of their AD-related research
  • Robert S. Miletich (Nuclear Medicine) Functional Neuroimaging of Alzheimer's
  • Alex Diehl (Neurology) will outline the ontology work at UB on neurodegenerative disorders
  • Alan Ruttenberg (Oral Diagnostic Sciences) will present the collaboration between the Protein Ontology and the Alzheimer Research Forum, and introduce a discussion on how bioinformatics / ontology tools can help AD research at UB

For further information please contact Barry Smith <>

Co-sponsored by Paresh Dandona Lab, Center for Brain and Behavior Informatics and Buffalo Clinical and Translational Research Center