Applications of Ontologies in Astrophysics and Manufacturing Domains

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The Production Engineering Laboratory (LGP) of the National Engineering School of Tarbes develops innovative methodologies and software applications to improve processes in different engineering fields. Currently, LGP team works on the development of a network of modular ontologies describing European regulations concerning ecological certification of detergents. This network of ontologies will be in a decision support system designed to allow manufacturers to check the eligibility of their products for ecological certification. The LGP team also works in collaboration with the Observatory of MIDI-PYRÉNÉES on the development of an ontology of astrophysical services to be used in a semantic virtual observatory for automatic composition of astrophysical data services.

Hedi KARRAY is Assistant Professor at the National Engineering School of Tarbes, part of the Federal University of Toulouse, and researcher at the Production Engineering Laboratory since September 2013. He has a M.S. in Web Technologies from the University of Lyon and a Ph.D. in Applied Informatics from the University of Franche-Comté. His research interests center on ontology-based engineering.