Basic Formal Ontology and the Signature Discovery Ontology

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Workshop organized jointly by the UB Ontology Research Group and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at CUBRC, Buffalo, NY, May 1-2, 2012.


Tuesday May 1 2012

9:00am BFO 2.0 and Process Profiles (Barry Smith)
10.30am Break
10:40am The Information Artifact Ontology (Alan Ruttenberg and Werner Ceusters)
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm BFO Treatment of Energy Force Work and Momentum (Nathan Baker)
2:45pm Break
3:00pm An Introduction to the Signature Ontology (Nathan Baker)
4:30pm Signature Ontology and Sequence Ontology (Cliff Joslyn)
5:00pm Preliminary Conclusions

Wednesday May 2 2012

9:00am Cyber-Security and Related Matters (Randall Dipert)
10:00am Military Ontologies (William Mandrick)
10:30am Break
11:00am Future Planning


Nathan Baker <>
Tom Bittner <>
Mathias Brochhausen <>
Werner Ceusters <>
Alexander Cox <>
Alexander Diehl <>
Randall R. Dipert <>
Bill Duncan <>
Amanda Hicks <>
Will Hsu <>
Leonard Jacuzzo <>
Mark Jensen <>
Cliff A Joslyn <>
William S. Mandrick <>
Mark Ressler <>
Ron Rudnicki <>
Alan Ruttenberg <>
Joe Shea <>
Barry Smith <>