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The UMass Center for e-Design has developed a number of OWL ontologies modeling the engineering domain, including ontologies of engineering analysis models, decision making, and an OWL implementation of NIST’s Core Product Model (CPM). The Center’s ontology development efforts have also focused on the manufacturing and materials domain, resulting in the creation of the SLACKS ontology to describe laminated composites and SAMPRO, an additive manufacturing process ontology expanding the Manufacturing Service Description Language (MSDL) published by Ameri et al. More recent efforts have focused on two major areas – facilitating greater interoperability of the e-Design between ontologies using the Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) as a shared upper level ontology, and expanding these ontologies to support design, innovation, and decision in the use of additive manufacturing. As part of this effort, we have worked to retroactively modify and expand the CPM, MSDL, and SAMPRO to integrate with the BFO, with the goal of enabling reasoning and querying across these and other domains.