Top Level Ontology 10-21-2016

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Ontology Group Meeting, October 21, 2016

2pm John Beverley (UB): Modularization and Verification of the Basic Formal Ontology 2.0

Describes the on-going project to create a first-order logical axiomatization of BFO. Slides

3pm Barry Smith (UB): Proposed ISO Top Level Ontology Standard

Outlines the draft document and describes implications for BFO. Copies of this draft are available from BS on request. Slides

4pm Michael Gruninger (Toronto): A Sideways Look at Upper Ontologies

Within the applied ontology community, upper ontologies are widely recognized as tools to support the tasks of ontology design and semantic integration. This talk will explore an alternative vision for upper ontologies which is effective at facilitating the sharability and reusability of ontologies. The notion of generic ontologies is characterized through the formalization of ontological commitments and choices. Ontology repositories are used to modularize ontologies so that any particular upper ontology is equivalent to the union of a set of generic ontologies. In this way, upper ontologies are not replaced but rather integrated with other theories in the ontology repository. The talk concludes with a discussion of work with Lydia Silva-Munoz on the axiomatization of the SUMO time ontology. Slides 1 Slides 2