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Andrew Olewnik

Andrew Olewnik conducts research in areas of design theory and methodology. He has particular interest in the integration of digital tools that support design, and processing of information and knowledge management as it relates to product realization and systems engineering.

Rahul Rai

Rahul Rai conducts research in areas of design and manufacturing related problems. He has particular interest in the digital modeling and knowledge management tools such as ontology development and model based design that support design and fabrications of products and systems.

Ron Rudnicki

Ron Rudnicki leads the ontology team at CUBRC, focusing on development and application of the Common Ontologies in a range of military and intelligence domains.

Barry Smith

Barry Smith is a leader in the field of applied ontology with experience in ontology design and application in many fields, including biomedical informatics, defense and intelligence, and computer science and engineering.

William Tagliaferri

Bill Tagliaferri is Director of the Rome, NY CUBRC office with expertise in software engineering and data analysis for applications in military, intelligence and other areas.

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