Literature on Ontology of Engineering

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General Ontology Engineering

Formal Ontologies Meet Industry
Aspects of the Mereology of Artifacts
The Design Ontology
A Functional Ontology of Artifacts
A methodology for engineering ontology acquisition and validation
Design Mereotopology


The Role of Foundational Ontologies in Manufacturing Domain Applications
Manufacturing Ontologies Portal
Steel Industry Ontology
A Systematic Approach to Developing Ontologies for Manufacturing Service Modeling
Development and Utilization of Ontologies in Design for Manufacturing
Ontology engineering for distributed collaboration in manufacturing
Toward dynamic ontologies for the industrial manufacturing domain
Virtual factory data model to support performance evaluation of production systems
Towards a Spatiotemporal Ontology-Based on Mereotopological Theory in Assembly-Oriented Design
PRONTO: An ontology for comprehensive and consistent representation of product information (2011)

Knowledge Management

Framework for Product Knowledge
Product Data Exchange
Sustainability and Interoperability
Ontology Modelling of an Engineering Document – Perspectives of Linguistics Analysis

Industrial Maintanence

An Ontological Analysis of Fault Process and Category of Faults (1999)
A Formal Ontology for Industrial Maintenance (2011)
Ontology-Based Modeling of Aircraft to support Maintenance Management System (2014)

Engineering Design

An Ontological Model of Device Function: Industrial Deployment and Lessons Learned
Experiences with Industrial Ontology Engineering
A methodology for engineering ontology acquisition and validation
Semantic interoperability of knowledge in feature-based CAD models
Ontological Characterization of Functions
Digital product data exchange in semantic service‐oriented architecture
Building ontology based knowledge maps to assist business process re-engineering
An Ontological Analysis of Fault Processes and Categories of Faults
Product Data Exchange
An Indoor Navigation Ontology for Production Assets in a Production Environment
Features and Components in Product Models
Misfits, Balance, Requirements, and Systems: Thoughts on Alexander's Notes on the Synthesis of Form
Towards a Formal Theory of Products Including Mereology

ISO 15926

Re-engineering the ISO 15926 Data Model

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