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2013 BFO Meeting2013 ICBO OBO tutorial2014 ICBO OBO Tutorial
2014 ICBO OBO Workshop2Rules4th Immport Ontology Group Web Conference
5th ImmPort Ontology Group Meeting5th ImmPort Ontology Group Web ConferenceA Visual Formalism for BFO-Based Ontologies
AbstractAbstract: ElkinAbstract on the Open Microscopy Environment
Advanced Biomedical OntologyAllergy OntologyAlzheimer's Workshop
An Introduction to Ontology BuildingAnalytic MetaphysicsAnalytic Metaphysics (2016)
Analytical MetaphysicsAnnouncing Clinical and Translational Science Ontology Affinity GroupApplications of Ontologies in Astrophysics and Manufacturing Domains
Applied OntologyApplied Ontology: An IntroductionApplied Ontology: An Introduction, Lublin, 2018
Applied Ontology (2016)Applied Ontology 2018Applied Ontology Spring 2017
Avoiding Perspective-Relative SilosBFO-Based Engineering OntologiesBFO-ECCB
BFO-EngineeringBFO 2.0 MeetingBFO 2.0 Meeting August 18-19, 2012
BFO Meets CriticsBFO Release History: From BFO 1 to BFO-ISOBackground
Background of William MandrickBarry Smith: Video Introductions to OntologyBasic Formal Ontology 2.0
Basic Formal Ontology 2.0: Tutorial at ICBO/FOISBasic Formal Ontology 2015Basic Formal Ontology and the Signature Discovery Ontology
Biomedical Ontology 2016Buffalo Engineering OntologyBuffalo Engineering Page
Buffalo Ontology Group MeetingBuffalo Ontology Group Meeting January 27, 2014CBBI
CL and Intracellular MarkersCTSACTSA Ontology Workshop
CTS Ontology Workshop 2014CTS Ontology Workshop 2015Capabilities
Capabilities: Human and MachineCategoriesCenter for eDesign General Overview
Ceusters talkCivilian Education of William MandrickClassificationByMarkerSpec
Clinical Terminology Shock and AweClinical Terminology for Personalized MedicineClinical Trial Ontology / CDISC
Clinical and Translational Science Ontology GroupCommand and Control Core Ontology Exchange MeetingCommon Core Ontologies
Dial-in instructionsDirections to Fishers Lane Conference CenterDiscussion with Labkey
Distributed Development of a Shared Semantic ResourceDoD Dictionary of Military TermsEducation
EmploymentEmployment History of William MandrickEngineering Life Cycle Ontology
Enhanced Object-Based Production ConferenceErik ThomsenFabian Neuhaus
First ImmPort Ontology Group Web ConferenceFor Lab sessionsFormal Ontology
Formal Ontology 2017From BFO to IAOGamuts
GlossaryHIPC Standards and OntologiesHL7 and HCLS
HotelsHotels near NCIHow to Advance Reusability of Immunology Data
How to Develop and Use OBO Foundry OntologiesHow to Develop and Use an OBO Foundry OntologyHow to track absolutely everything?
IAOICBO Conference LogisticsImaging ontology white paper
ImmPortImmPort HomeImmPort Ontology Conference
Immunology Content in the Protein OntologyImmunology OntologiesImmunology Ontologies and Their Applications in Processing Clinical Data
Immunology OntologyIndex.phpIndex.php/index.php
Industrial Ontologies Foundry(IOF) WorkshopIndustrial Ontologies Foundry (IOF) WorkshopIndustry Ontologies Foundry: ASME Workshop 2017
Industry Ontology Foundry: ASME Workshop 2017Information Artifact OntologiesInformation Infrastructure Collaboration Meeting
Information Meeting on Joint Doctrine OntologyIntelligence Analysis: A Crash CourseIntelligence Analysis: A Philosophical Introduction
InternalpagesIntroduction to ProtegeIntroduction to Protégé
Joint Doctrine HierarchyJoint Doctrine OntologyKumar Madurai
Lab Note: Steps to Get OWLViz to Function in ProtegeLearning Health SystemsLecture by Maurizio Ferraris on The Internet: A Political Approach
Lecture on The Internet: A Political ApproachLecture on the Ontology of Document ActsLeonard F Jacuzzo
Literature on Ontology of EngineeringMANUFACTURING community of practiceMain Page
Main pageMandrick VitaMatOnto Ontology Meetings
Maurizio FerrarisMeeting on Current UB Ontology ProjectsMicrobiology for the CTSA: Ontological Approaches
Military Awards of William MandrickMilitary Education of William MandrickModeling and Simulation
Mungall paperNCBO Organized events 2005-2015NCBO Sponsored Dissemination and Training Events 2005-2015
News and EventsNewseventsOBI ontology
OGMS WorkshopOn the Ontology of Massively Planned Social ActionOntological Engineering
Ontological Engineering 2013Ontological Engineering 2014Ontological Engineering 2018
Ontologies for Information IntegrationOntologyOntology Class 2009
Ontology Group Meeting 4-9-2018Ontology ModulesOntology and Artificial Intelligence
Ontology and Artificial Intelligence 2019Ontology and Imaging InformaticsOntology and Its Applications
Ontology and the Future of Laboratory InformationOntology and the Navy SYSCOMs Systems Engineering Transformation ProcessOntology for Command and Control
Ontology for Data ScienceOntology for Intelligence, Defense and SecurityOntology for Precision Medicine: From Genomes to Public Health
Ontology for Precision Medicine: From Genomes to Public Health​Ontology for the Intelligence CommunityOntology of Capabilities
Ontology of EngineeringOntology of Informed Consent: An Approach to Specimen and DataOntology of Informed Consent: An Approach to Specimen and Data Sharing
Ontology of Military Planning and Operations AssessmentOntology of PlanningPRO Consortium Workshop 2017
PRO Consortium Workshop 2019Paper on FlowCLPapers on Semantic Enhancement and Intelligence Analysis
Participation InformationPast EventsPhilosophome
Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence 2020Philosophy for the Intelligence AnalystPlanning Doctrine
Preliminary Readings on Manufacturing OntologyPresentations and BriefsPresentations and Briefs by William Mandrick
Problems in OntologyProduct Life Cycle OntologiesProtein Ontology Workshop
Protégé Tutorial ScheduleRelation Ontology 2018Response to Bob Young
Richard de Rozario on Competency QuestionsRoss Koppel: EHR ProblemsSTIDS 2013
STIDS 2013 PaperScheduleSchedule: Group Meeting March 31, 2017
Semantic EnhancementSemantic Web and Joint TrainingShadow Planning
Sivaram Arabandi: Work Domain OntologySocial OntologySocial Ontology 2012
Streaming Video Ontology Training CoursesStudent Learning OutcomesSymposium on Military Codes of Ethics
Systems Engineering Boot CampSystems Engineering BootcampThe Future of the Electronic Health Record
The ImmPort PortalThe Role of Ontology in Big Cancer DataThird CTS Ontology Workshop
Top Level Ontology 10-21-2016Tutorial on Basic Formal OntologyUB Applied Informatics Portal
UB ParticipantsUsers of Common Core OntologiesVDJServer
Venue and HotelsWebcastWorkshop on BFO and the Ontology of Social Entities 2016